It’s Jane Austen’s Birthday & Our New Short Film is Ready

A Christmas message from Jane Austen!

I sincerely hope your Christmas may abound in the gaieties which that season generally brings” ~ Jane Austen

As we start the run up to Christmas, we can announce that we are now LIVE on PlayFestivalFilm App with our short film, In Love with Jane Austen. Thank you to all those who have helped make this possible, we are so grateful for your help. This is our Christmas Gift to all our supporters; to the fans from across the world we have met in our filming over the past eighteen months, to our followers on facebook and twitter and to all of you who have encouraged us on the journey so far.

So, what better way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year than to download the PlayFestivalFilm App on your iPad or iPhone and enjoy In Love with Jane Austen.

For the first week this is a free download in the run up to Christmas, so do take advantage of this offer, after which it will work just like iTunes where there is a small charge to download and listen to your favourite music. In this case, it is an entertaining and moving film about your favourite author, Jane Austen. If you do not have an Apple iPhone or iPad, do not despair! We will be making the film available as a download on our website in the near future.

Meanwhile please share this news as widely as you can – with your friends and family, on your social media, through all the ways and means you have at your disposal. Tweet out the news!

If you would like to help us move forward into the New Year with this wonderful film, you can lend your support through donating to the charitable trust, purchasing goods in our online shop and through investing in the film and its future – you can explore the opportunities for investment through the government supported SEIS on our website

The most important thing is to please watch and enjoy the Christmas Gift of In Love with Jane Austen! We have so enjoyed making it for you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and successful New Year. And it will be full steam ahead with the feature film in 2015!

With love and best wishes,

Sue Pomeroy and the Jane Austen film team

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